Shadowrun: Corporate WAR

Weekly Timeline of Events
All times Pacific

5:30 pm Market closes and weekly Action Points (AP) are determined.
8:00 pm Deadline for CEOs to submit their MegaCorp's AP spends.
After the Show Shadowrun cast rolls to resolve each MegaCorp's Actions.
Market segment impact is determined.
The MegaCorp that has hired the runners is announced.
Each MegaCorp's Market Capital (MC) is updated.
Market Opens Next week's round starts.

While the Market is Open
MegaCorp Executives discuss their strategy for Action Point spending.

Earning Action Points

MegaCorps earn Action Points by gaining members and investing in their corporation.

A total of 100 Action points are allocated each week and then split 50/50 between Membership and Investments.

Membership Action Points

50 points are awarded based on
MegaCorp Membership.

APm = (MegaCorp Execs / Total Execs) * 50

Investment Action Points

50 points are awarded based on
MegaCorp Investments.

APi = (MegaCorp Inv / Total Inv) * 50

Spending Action Points

MegaCorps may spend Action Points (AP) to purchase Actions.

Actions are performed to increase a MegaCorp's capital in a particular market or Market Cap(MC).

Submitting Actions

The CEOs of each MegaCorp submit the purchased Actions for the week.
Actions must be submitted to the GM (Anna) by 8pm PDT Wednesday.

Action Point Submissions must contain the following information:
  • Which owned subsidiary is performing the action
  • Which MegaCorp subsidiary is the target of the action
  • If teaming up with another MegaCorp (see below) specify which MegaCorp and how many Action Points your MegaCorp is contributing towards the action
  • Description of the Action
    • Get creative!
      Let's say a Consumer Goods subsidiary is performing R&D.
      You might describe this Action as "Research into hair care products designed for Orcs and Trolls that color coordinates tusks and hair."

Saving Action Points

Unspent Action Points are not lost. They can be saved to spend in future weeks.

Resolving Actions

Actions will be resolved by a member of the Shadowrun: Corporate SINs cast.

For each Action that a MegaCorp has submitted they will:

  • Roll on the appropriate Action Results table to determine a level to roll on the Market Cap Change (MCC) table
  • Roll on the MCC table at the level determined above.
  • Add the results to determine a percentage impact on the affected subsidiary.
  • Adjust the affected subsidiary's Market Cap accordingly.

All Actions are resolved on the week they are submitted.
Unused/Unresolved Actions do not carry over to the next week.

MegaCorps Combined Actions

MegaCorp CEOs can privately make deals to purchase an Action together.

Submitting Combined Actions

Each CEO must specify that they are combining their AP with other MegaCorp(s) AP to purchase an Action.

If one or more CEOs do not submit matching AP orders (ie: the AP cost of the Action is not met) then the Action does not take place.

Half of any APs spent on the incomplete Action are returned to the MegaCorps that contributed them.

Everything is Secret

All Actions against a MegaCorp are secret.

The target of the Action does not know who performed the action against them.
A MegaCorp can perform an Investigation to try and learn who acted against them.

Investigation (2 AP)

Investigations succeed a 2d6 roll of 8+

Investigations can be used to learn which MegaCorp:

  • attacked a facility
  • spied on a subsidiary
  • launched a PR smear campaign

If the acting MegaCorp paid to frame a third MegaCorp and the attacked MegaCorp investigates to find out who attacked them, a roll of 9+ will implicate the real attacker.

Espionage and Counter Espionage

A MegaCorp subsidiary can use Espionage to steal a target subsidiary's R&D results or use Counter Espionage create false R&D results to fool anyone spying on them.

Espionage (2 AP)

Steal an opponent subsidiary's R&D results.

If the targeted subsidiary performed R&D this week then the spying subsidiary also gets the same results as the target subsidiary plus a roll at their appropriate level on the MCC table.

If the targeted subsidiary did not perform R&D this week then the espionage produces no results.

Counter Espionage (1 AP)

Create false R&D results.

If the subsidiary created false R&D results to fool espionage efforts and opponent MegaCorps choose to spy on that subsidiary, then the spying subsidiary is fooled and commits a market blunder.

The fooled subsidiary rolls on the MCC Table at their normal level for a negative impact on their Market Cap.

Investing in a MegaCorp

You can invest in a MegaCorp through HyperRPG's Tip Jar.

Remember to include the MegaCorp's name as a hashtag in your donation message.
Multiple MegaCorp hashtags in the same message will split the tip amount evenly between them.